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Rayner Garner (D.O.)The information on this website is based on the work of Rayner Garner.

Rayner Garner teaches you how to use tools such as the de-identification process to tap your intuition and ultimately explore and discover your destiny. By discovering who you are not, you will begin to see who you really are. Practical and child friendly ways to help your children maintain their true identity and inner core are also shared.

With the appropriate nurturing skills used in the early stages of infancy combined with healthy sexual development as adolescents, children will grow to become adults who will create and support projects and activities that nourish the human condition and the earth's resources.

If we are allowed as children to naturally develop our sexual selves and are raised by caregivers who have a healthy and positive outlook on sexuality and reproduction, we grow up viewing sexuality as an integrated part of our everyday lives. Sexuality would not be an obsession but a generous expression of life.

Because many of us have had less than an ideal upbringing regarding sexuality, we spend a major part of our energy dealing with our sexuality - avoiding it, condemning it, healing it, and trying to find it, or obsessing about it. We deeply long to arrive at a sense of peace and a feeling of rightness about our sexuality, our birthright.

Through Rayner's experiences in the health education field, and his own personal life exploration, he has created a unique perspective on helping people on the path of discovering their sexual wholeness. Explore his techniques and the tools he offers. This information and Rayner's insights may be just what you need.

More information about all of Rayner's insights and teachings can be found at www.intuit.org.uk and at www.raynergarner.com. Rayner himself can be contacted at rayner@intuit.org.uk <rayner@intuit.org.uk>.

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