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Some BIG Questions Answered

Rayner has written and collected many articles about the myriad subjects about which he has made discoveries and experienced insights. Some of these can be found a www.t intuit.org.uk, and MANY of them at www.raynergarner.com.

Here are a series of questions and answers that you may find of interest.

Is it possible to have a pleasurable birthing experience?

Benign birthing experiences take place when the mother births herself, or receives help from close relatives or tribal members... click here for more

Why do we censor sex but not violence?

Does it not seem strange to you that we censor images depicting the creation of life -- our sexuality -- but not the destruction of life... click here for more

Why do some people sexually abuse children and how can we stop this plague?

One theory of why so many people sexually abuse, is that the abuser is unable to handle relationships with his or her peers... click here for more



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