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Love, Sex and Intimacy

Rayner Garner/s The Polynesian Buzz shows and teaches you lovemaking as you have only imagined it. Make yourself and your partners into human vibrators, giving each other sensations and feelings that are almost beyond words to describe, that are "exquisite in their ecstasy."

In addition to the "Buzz," Rayner also tells of some other advanced sexual techniques, recounts the history of the Buzz, and tells of how this technique can greatly increase a couple's intimacy, can very much deepen an already committed relationship.

Rayner Garner shows you the way
  A sex educator and sex therapist, for the first time he is going fully public with what he has learned in his five decades of research and work. Taught in the best of the ancient Pacific Island traditions, he also learned from some of the top western practitioners.

These techniques are very natural and are very easy to learn, but are also very powerful. In enjoying them most fully some of the teachings to be found at another Rayner Garner site, intuit.org.uk , are very helpful. The methods given there are actually invaluable in expanding your life and in solving problems.

At inutit.org.uk there is a veritable treasure trove of many of this charming Englishman's other teachings. These include ways to reduce pain and distress at childbirth, innovative methods to promote bonding and intimate childrearing (Rayner invented the baby sling in 1981) , and his groundbreaking research that showed the way to prevent the onset of arthritis.

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