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Intuitive Healing

Fulfillment through Listening to your Intuition

From what I have observed over the years it is evident that we all have a destiny, a purpose, a manner of contributing to others that in its wake brings contentment and fulfillment. If we don't discover what that is we unconsciously create problems to fill that void.

A channel to the intuitive knowledge within can be created that will enable us to discover our destiny. Many people know how to pray but few know how to listen for the answer from the Divine source within. Once we have succeeded in quieting the conscious "chatter" that often blocks intuitive insights, we can receive the information that we need to lead us to peace, contentment and fulfillment.

Much more infornation about awakening your Intuition and other methods of self-healing and improvement can be found at www.intuit.org.uk and at www.raynergarner.com.

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