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"For years, I had orgasmic sex without much heart expression. As I have grown, I now believe that work on a woman ’s sexuality should be part of an intimate and safe relationship and involve focusing on the heart and sex center at the same time"

Pua Lei Tamae

in favor of Human Vibrations

A Woman's door to sexual ecstasy

What a natural and healthy way to have a mind-altering and euphoric experience!"

You Want Won't Want To Read ThisFrom Human Vibrations:

"The Powerful Clitoris ...

After one hour in session, my partner and I noticed a continuing flow of lubrication; the clitoral area was swollen and the inner lips a deep burgundy color. He felt with his fingers that the temperature was definitely warmer inside my vagina and the cervix seemed to be deeper and higher.
  After 30 minutes of lip-vibrating with the clitoral hood intact, I was ready for more. I reached with my fingers and parted back the hood of my clitoris, revealing the glans of my clitoris. My partner started with staccato vibrations-short, quick and light. My legs went right back, close to my head, allowing maximum exposure of the clitoral and vulva area.
  My partner observed, “Your bulbs are pushing the vaginal walls in and out. I feel undulations in your vagina. This is amazing, I can feel your pulse all around my finger. An artery is right here against the right wall of your vagina popping away-pumping blood to the area.”
  My reply, “I’m not here. I can’t open my eyes. I ‘m in an outer realm of consciousness. I feel like one huge sensation. I am pulsing on the inside. I wish this could go on forever. This is to good too be true.”
   At one point, I thought the orgasm I had was the ultimate. Then I noticed that when my partner shifted where he vibrated, ever so slightly to another area, another buildup would occur. Orgasmic buildup and expression occurred at different points of focus, each orgasm strengthening in power; a wave of calmness followed the seemingly endless explosions of ecstasy.
    We have discovered that with slow-but-steady buildup, the clitoris glans responds to direct focused vibrations.
     “ Did you vibrate over the glans of my clitoris?”
     “ Yes, directly on it. Also, at one point, I vibrated with my tongue protruding. How did that feel?”
     “ It felt like you were teasing the clitoris glans with your tongue. I like the contrast of the light and strong rhythms. Does it help when I part the hood myself?”
     “Yes, this leaves my hands and fingers free to stimulate other areas. Also, when you part the hood of the clitoris, this clearly communicates to me you’re ready for direct lip-vibrating on the glans of the clitoris.”
     “ I am amazed-the clitoris glans can take the direct and strong contact of the more forceful rhythms. Vibrating directly on the glans creates immeasurably stronger orgasms than when vibrating the clitoris through the hood. However, I value the gentle massage and the softer rhythms you started with; it warms me up for this on the button contact. How about these last 15 minutes doing some high-rev vibrations on my clitoral glans? Do you have the energy for that?”
     “ Yup, let’s go for it.”
     I was experiencing waves of orgasm after orgasm throughout my entire body and soul. After one hour of lip-vibrating, I was floating in the clouds. After two hours, I was in another galaxy called “Bliss.” What a natural and healthy way to have a mind-altering and euphoric experience!"

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