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The De-Identification Process

Discover Who You Are Not, then Discover Who You Are

What blocks us from being fulfilled, and content?

Most learning comes from the bonding process where we mimic the actions, feelings and thoughts of our care givers. If we receive close, intimate and loving attention to our needs we become imprinted with expressing loving, concerned behavior which we then exhibit in turn as we mature.

If our parents are content, peaceful and happy in their creativity, and are fulfilling their destiny; in the absence of significant trauma, we will then exhibit these positive and life enhancing traits. If for some reason, economic and social choices, require an infant to be absent from its primary care givers for any length of time, anxiety and stress can cause an infant to bond with others in their immediate vicinity. If these temporary care givers do not exhibit the same values, and mores as our parents and siblings, or have acquired addictive patterns, conflict can arise causing distress to all parties.

Bonding acquired under stress may well result in what we term addictive behavior. Fortunately, by using a very simple method we can not only discover who we have become, but also are able to let these false identifications leave, and resume the unique identity that we were born with.

Regaining years of your life

If the client is willing to relinquish this identification, symptoms of pain or negative emotions, (depression, acute anxiety, etc.,) and pathological behavior are immediately released as it initially "belonged" to the person they identified with. They will also look, feel, and act much younger as most identifications are with an older person. The procedure is deceptively simple but powerful in its application and results.

Much more information about De-Identification and other methods of self-healing and improvement can be found at www.intuit.org.uk and at www.raynergarner.com.

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